Bundle of Joy
Some like it hot….Some like it mild…..
But everybody loves it!
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Small SW Gift Basket chips, biscochos, chili brittle and a chili necklace. $25.00
Large Southwest Gift Basket contains salsa, cheese, chips, pralenes, chili brittle and candies.
 Southwest Fruit Gift Basket contains chips, jalepeno jelly, cookies and fruit.
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 Deluxe Chili Gift Basket filled with salsa, chips, pistachios, popcorn, cheese, crackers and sweets.
It's a Celebration
has cookies, popcorn, cheese and crackers. $35.00
 Large 15" Chili Crate  filled with goodies.  As shown: chips and jalapeno jelly
with candies.
Adorable 7" Chili Crate  filled with popcorn or hot nuts.  Can be topped off with a sugar cookie shaped like a chili.
Each $12.50
Small New Mexico Crate.
​As shown: $25.00
Also comes in a large.
Range $50 and up​​